Ground coats and primers provide a proper functioning of finish paint coatings used in different conditions and applied on different substrates.  Using system primers increases…Więcej informacji >

Mineral mortars

External and internal walls are covered with render/plaster to protect the wall material. A special role is played by renders used to cover facades. Facade…Więcej informacji >

Anti-crack systems

Facade cracks result from different reasons. Cracks can be divided into shrinking and structural cracks. In the case of the first group, i.e. shrinking cracks,…Więcej informacji >


One of the serious problems of buildings is damp. This problem applies also to historic buildings. There are many reasons for excess damp, including changing…Więcej informacji >

Supplementary products

The wide choice of facade products supplied by Farby KABE includes supplementary products designed to remove algae and fungi, waterproofing of mineral substrates, applying a…Więcej informacji >


Since the dawn of time humanity has been inspired by colors. Already in very old times many of our ancestors were trying to decorate the…Więcej informacji >

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