Since the dawn of time humanity has been inspired by colours. Already in very old times many of our ancestors were trying to decorate the places of their stay. As human habitations developed over time, the coatings used to cover walls have lost their primary decorative function.

 Their important purpose was to protect wall materials against perishing, as well as against the growth of microorganisms. An important role here played lime-based coatings (renders/plasters and paints). In fact, these materials have been used for the longest period in history. As late as in the 18th century, these paints were the most frequently used for painting and decorating interiors and for protecting facades. 

The 19th century brought the use of binder in the form of potassium silicate (water glass). It provided completely new opportunities for application and decorating interiors and external walls. Silicate paints, like lime paints, are qualified as mineral paints, therefore, when we consider restoring historic buildings we should plan to use such coatings. 

The development of new 20th century technologies brought modern and improved solutions. An example of such solutions can be the technology of silicate paints patented by Farby Kabe company. Here we have a mineral character of coating, however, its important feature is the improvement of paint properties in internal and external applications.

All types of mineral paints are in our offer, and the constant development of technology makes Farby Kabe a responsible manufacturer of paints for the conservation and renovation of monuments.

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