Isolation in the old house. One of the most serious problems in construction is moisture. This problem also affects historic buildings. There are many reasons for the formation of increased moisture, including changes in the groundwater level, changing terrain, reconstruction of the surroundings, etc. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to use (rebuild) insulation in old historic buildings.
The reconstruction of anti-moisture and anti-water insulations in underground parts of the foundation applies to old buildings where such protection has never been used or the existing insulations have ceased to fulfill their functions. This applies to horizontal and vertical insulations protecting the building against groundwater and rainwater.

Vertical and horizontal insulation

An important and significant insulation is horizontal, the wall protects against the effects of capillary action. In newly constructed buildings, such sealing is performed using e.g. bituminous materials. This does not apply to buildings that have already been built. One way to recreate horizontal insulation is by injection. It is performed by means of drillings and soaking the masonry material with an appropriate insulating liquid (preparation for insulation). The material is applied using two (three) methods: gravity and (low pressure) pressure (especially recommended when the wall is highly moist). Special pumps are used for pressure application.

Applying the preparation under pressure increases penetration and additionally allows it to displace moisture more effectively. Farby Kabe offer insulating materials: injection fluid based on silicone microemulsion. Its effectiveness is very high, additionally it has been confirmed by the WTA certificate, which is particularly important when used in historic buildings. It is important to carry out the injection on both sides of thick walls (over 80 cm). Special recommendations for the implementation of insulation should always be consulted with the technical department.

Vertical insulation is also an important element of the foundation insulation in an old house. With old and damp walls of the house, an important element is the tightness of the insulation, but also its vapor permeability. This is not possible with bituminous materials. Such possibilities are provided by the mineral material in the form of the so-called sludge or plaster.

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