Farby KABE provides comprehensive solutions for the renovation and repair of historic buildings. It provides materials at every stage, from the foundations of a historic building, through the facade with stucco, to interior finishing. The products are combined in such a way as to maintain the mineral character, high diffusivity of coatings and a noble surface finish.

The maintenance department has an additional tool in the form of a product that turns into a work of art in good hands. Throughout Poland, you can admire numerous reference buildings such as tenement houses, palaces and churches as well as many other public utility buildings or buildings of private investors. The renovated buildings bear witness to the best times of their glory, spreading proudly in many charming places. Presenting to the recipient its elegant interiors, often with restored paintings using selected paints, selected colors from the period and applied using a given technique. Stucco that can recreate the original again, appropriately shaped in the form of casts, supplemented with special stucco mortars or a complete restoration.

Mineral renders in various granularities, giving the possibility of obtaining a more or less clear texture depending on the tools and processing technique used. Spackling “finishing” mortars emphasizing the character of the interior and the epochal identity, with an unlimited method of application with modern techniques. Finally, complementary products for soil strengthening, consolidation, hydrophobization, biocidal containment and injection.

The Historic Monuments Conservation Department is especially close to our employees who feel and understand the art of conservation. We want to share our knowledge with you, provide helpful advice in the selection of materials and the best use of their natural features. We would like to present solutions and products that will fulfill their tasks in the best possible way for many years, beautifying our Polish architecture on a daily basis.

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